Firefighter/EMT Scholarship Program

Due to a recent compromise of the Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation's financial account, the Firefighter/EMT Scholarship Program is temporarily closed and cannot accept new applications.

Employment as a career firefighter provides stability, structure, a second family, and the ability to give back to the community in a very real and direct way. The foundation recognizes how important the chance at a financially stable life can be to a person who is economically disadvantaged. Because of its continued commitment to the education of Florida’s firefighters, the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Foundation has created a scholarship program that is specifically intended to provide financial support for individuals who cannot otherwise afford to attend an approved Florida Firefighter Minimum Standards and related Emergency Medical Technician certification program.

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In order to be considered eligible for the Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation's Firefighter/EMT Scholarship, the candidate must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Florida resident and must be attending a Florida institution.
  2. Must be considered at-risk and/or economically disadvantaged at the time of application.
  3. Must have applied for financial assistance to attend a qualified Firefighter Minimum Standards and/or EMT program at the educational institution they plan to attend.
  4. Must provide proof of US Citizenship at the time of application.
  5. Must have a High School diploma or GED.
  6. Must have a valid Florida Driver’s License.
  7. Must meet all physical fitness and/or medical requirements to enter the Florida Firefighter Minimum Standards program and/or EMT program as outlined by the institution.
  8. Must be tobacco-free in accordance with the current Florida Statute.
  9. Must not have any felony or 1st-degree misdemeanor convictions.
  10. Must have a driving record that would not preclude employment under Florida Statute as a firefighter or EMT.
  11. Must meet all eligibility requirements to attend the college or vocational school in which the scholarship is awarded for Firefighter Minimum Standards/EMT.
  12. Must agree to, and pass, a background check.

*The Firefighter/EMT Scholarship may only cover the cost of tuition, books, uniforms and the rental of required protective clothing. This scholarship is intended to bridge the required cost of the program not funded by other financial assistance which is offered at the educational institution.


This scholarship is offered year-round, with four application cycles. Please reference the application/award schedule below:

 January 1
March 31
 April 30
 April 1
 June 30
 July 31
 July 1
September 30
 October 31
 October 1
 December 31
 January 31

Please ensure you have met and/or satisfied all eligibility requirements for this scholarship prior to submitting an application. The application form  additionally requires submission of a letter of request, three letters of recommendation including one from a current member of the FFCA who serves as a current fire chief, and a written essay on why you should receive the scholarship, not to exceed 500 words, that also covers the following:

  • Describe why you are seeking to work as a firefighter in the State of Florida and what that career will mean to you, your family, and your community.
  • Discuss any volunteer work you currently, or have, participated during the past two years.
  • Include any honors or awards you may have received.
  • Describe the impact that you believe education has had on your life.

*Failure to submit all required items could result in disqualification of the applicant. 


It remains the intention of the Firefighter/EMT Scholarship Program to assist individuals who are economically disadvantaged, eligible and wish to pursue a career as a firefighter in the State of Florida. Therefore, identifying successful applicants will be based primarily on financial need and the recommendation of a community leader. An individual’s past or present academic standing, public safety related extracurricular activities, community service, and involvement in volunteer organizations may also be taken into consideration. The Florida Fire Chief’s Foundation Scholarship Committee will review all applications for meeting eligibility and submission requirements before considering the candidate's individual circumstances or qualifications for the award. Upon a scholarship award, recipients will be assigned a local fire department sponsor by the Foundation to assist them throughout the scholarship period.