COVID-19 Vaccination Information

The FFCA is continually working to advocate on our members' behalf regarding COVID-19 related issues including the prioritization of vaccines for first responders. The process is very fluid at this time but we continue to be engaged and are bringing our industry's concerns to the forefront of state policies and implementation strategies.

We as public safety and health officials must be prepared to support the State's efforts to make vaccinations available and easily accessible to the general public. This page serves as a resource for training videos and plans for Fire Departments to both support in providing public vaccination sites and/or administering vaccinations.

Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Dr. Scheppke Video (01/31/2021)


✓ Review - FDA EUA for Health Care Providers (Moderna and Pfizer)
✓ Review - FDOH Vaccine Consent (Moderna and Pfizer)
✓ Review - EMS Protocol (Moderna and Pfizer)

Vaccine Administration

Pfizer Administration

Moderna Administration

Vaccine Cold Chain

 Pfizer Cold Chain

Moderna Cold Chain

Reference Documents


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The sample documents below are template sheets that you may adopt during this process. The numbered documents are all components of the same document separated into sections:

Sample Vaccination Plan Documents:

CDC Vaccination Best Practices Videos:

CDC Vaccine Training – Basic Best Practices

CDC Vaccine Training – Aseptic Technique

CDC Vaccine Training - Medication Administration Best Practices

CDC Vaccine Training – Intramuscular Shots Adult

CDC Vaccine Training – Intramuscular Shots Child

CDC Vaccine Training Single Use Vial Preparation

CDC Vaccine Training - Multi Dose Vial Preparation